The Perfect Stranger by Megan Miranda

If you enjoyed the ‘feel’ of All the Missing Girls by Megan Miranda then The Perfect Stranger will most likely appeal. I read these books roughly a year apart and enjoyed both, perhaps preferring the former, but only marginally so. To me, Miranda has such a clear style that they read very similarly, perhaps a little too much so. Similarly flawed female protagonists and location, complicated relationships with men and a life somewhat thwarted by the past. All that said, they are incredibly enjoyable novels that you will just fly through.

The Perfect Stranger tells the story of Leah Stevens whose flatmate Emmy goes missing. Leah is a character looking for a ‘do-over’ after her job in the city collapses, she moves in with an old acquaintance in a small town in Pennsylvania. I use the word ‘acquaintance’ deliberately, for that’s what Emmy is, certainly not a friend. When Emmy goes missing, Leah begins to realize just how little she knew about her, from the man she was dating, to where she worked.

This is a good story. Often in life you meet those people who play their cards so close to their chests that it’s hard to say how well you ever really knew them. If say, you had a few great nights out, but also respected someone’s privacy, then would it be possible to find yourself in Leah’s position?

This book is certainly a compelling read, but I would recommend that you give yourself space between reading this and All The Missing Girls to ensure that the two stories don’t merge in your mind.

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