In a Nutshell

What can I say? I read. I wish I could claim that I read voraciously, but that wouldn’t be truthful. As a mother of two and a woman with a part-time job, I’m busy and tired a lot. Many nights I get no further than the sofa, a movie and a nice glass of wine. This said, there is no greater pleasure than finding that novel, almost always modern fiction, that you just cannot put down. The kind of book that makes you give up the couch, TV, wine and perhaps even the kids, just so you can hide yourself away. I’m always on the lookout for it.

On occasion, I am asked where I go for my recommendations and the truth is that sometimes it’s the media (who doesn’t love a really great NPR book review?), but more often than not it is quite simply a case of pootling around my local bookstore. I’m a great advocate of buying books locally wherever possible. Bookshops are the heart of many towns and it kills me to see how many are vanishing. We all need to go online at times, but please whenever possible, spend an extra couple of dollars and ensure the future of our local businesses. I feel the same way about libraries. Use them, use them, use them!

Throughout my childhood I had a very off/on relationship with books, so it was not until my twenties that I really started to read. I started the blog in response to being asked by friends what they should read next and the realization that a lot of people were enjoying my recommendations.
Like any good book it should just be about enjoyment at the end of the day. I don’t believe in finishing a book simply because you started it, life is too short for that nonsense. If our tastes fail to match, then I wish you well, but in the meantime enjoy!