I Found You by Lisa Jewell

Years and years and years ago, a book was published called Ralph’s Party. It was chick lit and I just loved it. The writer was Lisa Jewell and in very quick succession I demolished whatever she wrote. I remember my old boss and friend, Mrs N, who always seemed to be invited to the best social events in town, attended a wedding where Lisa Jewell was one of the guests. At that point I was such a fangirl that Mrs N made a point of striking up a conversation with Lisa Jewell, who happened to be sitting at her table (!), to let her know just how much I loved her work. Sadly for me, I moved away and I don’t know if she wasn’t published in the US at that time or simply if my local bookstore didn’t stock her work, but there was no more Lisa Jewell to be had. Perhaps, inevitably, my fidelity waned and in recent years, despite the fact that I still have a number of her books sitting on my shelves, I forgot about her. That is until about a year ago when I picked up The Girls in the Garden, which told the tale of a private garden in London and those who lived around it. I loved it and Lisa Jewell returned to my life with crystal clarity. I Found You, is Lisa Jewell at her best, but then again, when isn’t she at her best?

The story is this. Alice Lake lives in a small English seaside town, raising her children and working as an artist. One day she notices a man sitting on the beach, staring out to sea. He remains there for hours, arousing Alice’s suspicions but also her innate inner kindness. Discovering that he is suffering from memory loss, she agrees to take him in overnight and so the story begins. Who is this man and why has he been drawn to this particular part of the English coast? What is the connection between him and Lily Monrose, whose new husband has gone missing? What is the history of the cottage in which Alice lives? I tell you, this is properly gripping stuff!

Essentially what you need know is this. If you are lucky enough to discover any Lisa Jewell novels sitting on the shelves of your local bookshop, you shouldn’t need any review to tell you to buy it. Just buy them all, there and then and I’m certain that you won’t regret it. I Found You, is a great read, but then again, they all are!J

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I love to read. I'm the kind of person who walks into a bookstore and can happily browse for hours. This means that the books I review are not necessarily going to be on the best seller list (although they could be), but are more likely just to be modern fiction that I have loved. I've started this blog as a resource for anyone out there struggling to find their next great read. Enjoy and please visit often!

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